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Product Information
Product Picture Drain-Plane creates a drainage cavity that protects your home against the damaging effects of moisture. Drain-Plane is a high density polyethylene furring strip that is vertically and horizontally ventilated to create a drainage cavity in your exterior cladding system. The drainage plane is a critical component in the rain screen system used to prevent water intrusion and moisture problems.

The product design and installation process offer many advantages to installers, designers, and homeowners including:
  • Moisture Intrusion Protection
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Easy Installation
  • Cladding Installation Efficiency
  • Cladding Flexibility
  • Product Design Advantages
Moisture Intrusion Protection
The drainage plane provides added protection from mold to keep your family safe. The Drain-Plane product is installed over the water resistive barrier on the support wall and under the cladding in what is known as a rain screen system or method. Drain-Plane provides both vertical and horizontal channels that enable water drainage and airflow. The drainage plane allows for the majority of the moisture to leave the cavity. The airflow cavity promotes drying of any remaining moisture. The result is a drier, safer home or building.

Cost Effectiveness
With the cost of construction materials continually on the rise, it’s nice to find a product like Drain-Plane that costs 60% - 70% of what other drainage plane products typically cost.

Product Picture Easy Installation
The 6’ Drain-Plane strips install quickly and easily on the studs of the exterior support wall. The Drain-Plane can by easily sized to fit any size and shape wall. We recommend installing Drain-Plane up into the soffit as well. This creates a fully integrated system rain screen system throughout the exterior envelope.

Cladding Installation Efficiency
Drain-Plane even helps with the installation of your cladding or siding product by marking the studs for you. This is applicable to all components of exterior cladding such as the trim boards and soffits.

Cladding Flexibility
Drain-Plane works well with more residential and commercial cladding products including lap, shingle, and panel products. It even works with commercial panels without blowing out the panels. Examples of supported cladding products include:
  • Fiber Cement Planks and Shakes
  • Lap Siding
  • Flat Panels
  • Steel
  • Cedar Siding and Shakes
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Foam-Backed Cladding
  • Many More…
Product Design Advantages
Drain-Plane product design solves some of the problems associated with other drainage plane products.
  • Rolled mesh products have a tendency to compress or produce a “waving” effect and don’t work well with panel type claddings.
  • Rolled products and multi-piece channel systems can be unwieldy, complicated, and very labor intensive to install..
  • Clip-type products only work with fiber-cement lap and shingle products. They do not work with many other cladding options.
  • Most other product installation methods call for furring out trim areas with a treated 1-by-x wood product which results in a sealed area without a breathable cavity at the trim areas such as windows which are the most susceptible to moisture intrusion problems.
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Patent # 7,617,638
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